Tuesday, December 18, 2007

London Evening Standard: Mayor and Advisor May Sue

The Standard's latest is a report of what London Mayor Ken Livingstone termed a "stunt" by former LDA secondee Brenda Stern. One of many Andrew Gilligan accusations is that Livingstone's race advisor Lee Jasper caused her to be sent back early from her seconded post. Even though Jasper has no authority over GLA never mind LDA staff.

Gung ho Dale has drawn attention to First Post's story about the Mayor's relations with Standard editor Ronnie Wadley and his announcement that he may break the habit of a lifetime and go to law. Iain says carelessly that Ken and Lee "are to sue".

There is also a heavy hint that there have been some insider dealing on the Standard's charity auction where a dinner with Wadley (and presumably Gilligan? winner's choice) has been marked down to £771 when eBay bids had been running at over £4,000. Lots of Lots HERE.

Currying favour with Charles Clarke has already reached £405.

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