Sunday, December 16, 2007

OTT Tories: “We don’t want any fakery at our conference”

Hopi Sen has a cockle-warming story of Tory Double Standards. Just as Tory Boy Bloggers were overdosing on James Purnell's composite photographs and Tory Culture Spokesman Jeremy Hunt was making an hilarious Conference speech:

“We don’t want any fakery at our conference do we?”

Tories were doing the self-same thing, at the same conference. Karen Lumley PPC is the ghosted apparition, who even managed a makeover between takes.

Commenters at Photoshop News thought Purnell-gate a storm in a teacup though I expect immature un-Tory bloggers will now exact some kind of revenge?

LOL wouldn't dream of it.


Anonymous said...

Will Dale survive the pressures of the re-sift at Maidstone?

Chris Paul said...

The re-sift at Maidstone? Tell me more.