Friday, December 07, 2007

Round Up: Abrahams, Holocaust Memorial, Iran WMDs

David Abrahams has told the Guardian that he in fact declined to give an interview to the Jewish Chronicle. Meaning this thing is cobbled toegether from "don't quote me's", asides and mutterings and that the BBC and others were wong to call it an interview.

Meanwhile the Jewish Telegraph online does not cover the story but report that the Muslim Council of Britain will support Holocaust Memorial Day and also that Israel has slammed the good news on Iran's weapons programme.

NOTE: These Jewish Telegraph links are "one week only" but we'll aim to replace them with permalinks if available.


Tim Kinsella said...


I know it's not the right post but this is urgent. You really need to tell LP about the plans for MLG. Clearly she's got the wrong end of the stick and needs putting right. I am glad that she didn't extert herself with too much hard campaigning against some bogus scare story though.



Chris Paul said...

Er, Tim what on earth are you on about? I am completely relaxed about the decision of the review on MLG either way. And as I think you may have scolded me yourself this is not in any case supposed to be a party political matter.

That scolding being before the Lib Dems councillors and MP tried to make it one!!

Clayton and the crew changed sides - that is documented - and as a hanger around with property developers Clayton is compromised on all such matters anyway. He recently admitted having a conflict of interest in Northenden where his friends own lots of property including the Tatton Arms which to me is a cause for concern both in terms of the fencing off of land and the bringing forward of sensible plans in a timely way.

And it is just stating the obvious to say that the campaign on MLG included all sorts of misleading claims and statements and that the press coverage was persistently unbalanced and printed much of that tosh without question.

It is the style and dishonesty of the campaign that I have been commenting on. Clearly the decision on whether to sell is on the merits and even filtering out the confused and the misled and those who signed six times there remained a strong public campaign.

I use the gardens quite a bit and also other parks with dwellings in them e.g. Longford Park. I wouldn't have minded the building in this case in exchange for much needed maintenance and upgrading. Lucy and others from the LP came to a different conclusion. Hopefully they will persuade the powers that be to fund the work. So be it.

Everything I write on this blog is of course in a personal capacity but rather than taking sides I have simply been trying to address the imbalance in the information and the untruthfulness.

Tim Kinsella said...

Ah, by LP I did mean Lucy Powell. It just seemed that in the article, she was somewhat misled over the plans as well. Unless it was simply to congratulate the community for coming together to oppose something that they didn't actually know anything about in the first place. Anyway, good to see she's been busy.

To return to conflicts of interest. How about Stuart Wall, Ask Property Developments or perhaps Crosby Homes Special Projects? Slightly bigger fish than Mark Clayton.

P.S. I know how you like your excessive HTML tags...