Saturday, December 01, 2007

Spinning Semantics: Call it "Smear" or "Sword of Truth"

With Iain Dale it seems everything opponents do in terms of news management is a "smear". He is over-using the word almost as much as he does "obsessed". Iain is "obsessed" with "smears".

Mr Dale doesn't explain what the Tory equivalent is? What Andy Coulson is being employed to provide. Perhaps that is the traditional "sword of truth"?

Iain is spinning/smearing/impression managing some cock and bull story that the Labour Party are spinning/smearing/impression managing that last week's donations stories were - shock horror - tipped by the Tories rather than being undirected journalistic research.

If that is all there is to it any self respecting editor or journalist would surely say: "So what?". As Iain says, the names and financial figures are there (or not there) from all the parties. This is fair game for any and all scrutiny. That's the point of the system is it not?

It doesn't really matter a jot whether the Tories tipped off the paper(s) or not. This is a good story, facts is facts, and Labour cannot get off the hook simply by saying XY or Z has tipped it. So is there more to Iain's smear spin than meets the eye? A bit of "late turn" perhaps? Some "extra bounce"? "Skidding through"? "Googly" or "flipper"? Or even his faster "pulling your leg" ball?

How about this? In the interests of Dale-esque speculation you understand. Suppose Ashcroft or CCHQ has had private investigators on to this and spent tens or hundreds of thousands on that? Or suppose there has been any entrapment? Or other assorted monkey business? That would be quite a story.

This wouldn't get Labour off the hook but it would shake things up a bit. Most punters believe that "they're all at it" and when it comes to election expenses and donations and indeed honours I don't think that is an unfounded position.

Obviously I'm not saying Ashcroft or CCHQ has had private investigators etc etc. Just speculating as Iain so often does himself on what would would make a story. Just why there's such a need for counterspin from the bloggers' blogger.


tory boys never grow up said...

Worth noting that this is the same Iain Dale who smeared Gordon Brown and his team by saying they broke the law in ripping up a cheque - eventhough he didn't bother to check the legal definition of what a cheque is - which is something that most trainee lawyers and accountants learn very early on and can be found in numerous places.

GW said...

Pity the Tory Idiots don't demand that the Police don't investigate the Conservative.

I mean how honest and legal is it to declare the value of a chartered fligt for less tha the landing fee at Luton and Stanstead ?

Anonymous said...

To help you in your penance, I enclose the statement Grell has put on her website.

"Following yesterday’s decision at Snaresbrook Crown Court to uphold my conviction for two offences against the Representation of the People Act 1983, I have, this morning, resigned from both the Labour party and my job working for the Deputy Mayor of London, at the Greater London Authority.

Although I know I am innocent, what I have been convicted of amounts to bringing the Labour party into disrepute and gross misconduct of the Greater London Authority constitution.

I cannot expect either of these organisations to continue to formally support me in these circumstances.

I have also resigned from the Compass Management Committee.

Many thanks to all of you who have today sent through"

I think she's claiming she was framed.

The one and only sockpuppet

Chris Paul said...

Cheers sock puppet. I have that one already. But just in from a surprise secret 50th party and I'm not about to do the story now.

Oh go on then:

Miranda Grell's appeal has been lost. The court says MG is guilty of two offences of very serious smearage. Viz that to gain electoral advantage she said a rival was gay and a sex criminal (under age sex).

MG has resigned from the LP and from GLA. There will be a by-election very soon. MG still protests her innocence. The LP withdrew further financial support towards any and all appeals last week.

Watch this space.

Sebby said...

I hear Dale is not on the list after the sift at Maidstone. One unholy row has broken out with Widdy at the center of it.

Chris Paul said...

Cheers Sebby