Thursday, December 06, 2007

TED'S EXCLUSIVE: Galloway and Rees Like Rats in Sack

George Galloway has called in the Electoral Commision to investigate an attempted donation to his own Respect Coalition back before it divided as George Galloway's Renewal and John Rees' Reespect.

Galloway smelt a sting as the company proposing the donation are owned by the humungous PFI contractors Interserve, headed by a former John Major henchman. But John Rees' did not follow George's suggestion of asking the donor to deflect the cheque to the Stop the War Coalition but instead scooped one up for OFFU - the Organisation For Fighting Unions.

Much, much more on this from Ted at the East London Advertiser.


Diablo said...

Hi Chris - have you seen the article in The Guardian (,,2222809,00.html)
covering the Abrahams backstory?

Iain Dale is pulling what is left of his hair out over how you will respond! Big challenge for you.

Will you rise to it? Go for it Chris!

Chris Paul said...

Nearly blogged it at midnight but ran out of steam and time. Obviously the question would be whether this Abrahams is the only one on the scene writing covenants and legal instruments to exploit loopholes in laws and guidance.

It is fascinating so innit?

Meanwhile Ashcroft's home page is also extremely amusing and you know what? As is the strange incomprehensibility of Cameron's outings on the subject. I think I might do that story first.

Action said...

Respect Renewal set up in Manchester last night.
see my blog.