Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tory Donor Sleaze: All Down to "Memory Man" Cameron

Ho Ho Ho. That sleazy donationed witty Tory MP Hopi Sen was on about was not BoJo as we wishfully thinked, but was his close Bullingdon chum ... yes, that's right ... David Cameron!

Labour MP John Mann wrote to the Electoral Commission to complain about the donations, and said:

"This is a shocking revelation. It beggars belief that David Cameron was lecturing others and questioning their integrity, when he has not even bothered to check that his own house is in order."


tory boys never grow up said...

Imagine how all the Tory boys would now be complaining if the Labour Leader's Constituency Party had taken impermissible donations - and it was only reported briefly 15 minutes into the BBC News at Ten and did not feature on their website. But whoops its not Brown but Dave who is the guilty party - something to remember the next time we here the sock puppets bleating on about BBC bias.

I think a little examination of Laidlaw's donations through IIR might also be worth a little examination - when then Sunday Telegraph first reported the donation it appears that Laidlaw's spokespeople stated that the IIR donations were being made on behalf of Laidlaw (the Telegraph even commented that they thought that this was a little strange). Of course persons (and yes companies are legal persons) are not meant to act as agents for either anonymous or impermissible donors - given Laidlaws's prolonged absence from the country there must be some question as to whether he is a permissible donor or not?

Chris Paul said...

Still worry about Ashcroft myself. It would be terrible if it all started falling down around their ears now wouldn't it?