Monday, December 03, 2007

Westmonster: Will Chris Huhne Prick His Own Sanctimonious Brown Bubble?

Speaking of "Buff" Huhne Sadie Westmonster puts the gesticulating Old Westminster Chris Huhne on the spot over the Michael Brown off shore £2.4M and his own party's funder righteousness.

Huhne not only sticks his face in but also does a manic clawing action with his right hand. Like my cats used to do when the grand prix was on, but in Huhne's case fom inside the telly. Some evening news Wednesday (Nov 28) was the prime example I saw. Huhne was off site pawing at the camera manically as he called the police in - he might by then have actually written and sent the letter - and said "so sue me" etc.

Can anyone point me at an online video?

He was also in trouble himself during his own campaign to be an MP and in the last leadership contest when that was raised ... FOR USING OFFSHORE MONEY (OK, OK, his Brussels allowances) for placing paid for adverts in his own campaign literature:

Allegation of abusing EU election funds (Wiki link)

A news story on BBC TV’s Newsnight on 17 February 2006 reported allegations that Huhne had illegally used European Parliament expenses to finance four newspapers distributed to promote his candidacy for the British Parliament in the 2005 General Election – a use of funds prohibited by regulations governing MEPs. Huhne appeared on the show and denied the allegations. No regulatory action was subsequently taken by the European Parliament.

It was Michael Crick, and Iain Dale blogged the story. Essentially paid adverts in four Focus-type newspapers to fund his campaign. Cllr John Leech MP is doing something similar on local government campaigns in Manchester Withington.


Action said...

I agree wholeheartedly that all parties are as dodgy as each other on fundraising.
But is that the point?
One crime doesn't excuse another.

Chris Paul said...

Absolutely not. But clearly what's needed is a new broom.

Although Ashcroft is now operating in the open there is an old meme abot hiding things in plain view is there not.

He is still does not have the appearance of a permissible donor in his own right. Yet he talks about "my donations" in referring to Flying Lion and Bearwood Securities etc contributions.

Those entities seem to be acting as his agents. Are his contributions through these agents actually permissible? At least AFAIK Abrahams is a voter and resident and domiciled in UK.

GW said...

Interestingly not only does Cameron and other Torys declare flight costs at less than the Landing fees at Luton and Stanstead.

It also appears that the costs declared are less than the Air Traffic Control Fees payble for a flight between UK ATC Zone and North East Africa or Eastern Europe - about £2000 depending on time of day.

It may be that French Air Traffic Control would impound any Air ATory that landed in France to recover thier charges - Or it may be that the French Goverment would give the French Air Foce permission to force(Shoot?) down an Air Tory Plane. As they did have with other Charter Flights,

Personally I have no sympathy for the Air Crew if an Air Tory jet took a "Sidewinder or the French Equivalent (*)" up the Tail Pipe.

The French have a history of actions on this level - Ask he Ghosts of Dag Hammerskold (Sic) or Benj Baka


NB "Sidewinder" An American heat seeking Air to Air missile much used by NATO forces - and used by Navy Harriers etc in the Gulf and the South Atlantic". RAF/BA/FAA VIP transports are equiped with flare dispensers to release decoys.