Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Andrew Gilligan: Is He Boris Johnson's Little Helper?

Boris Johnson's little helper Andrew Gilligan has yet another smear story in The Standard today. Under the headline Ken aide "breaks rules over election website" Gilligan shows no such thing. Do go and have a read and see how many deliberate mistakes you can spot.

As Mark Twain might have said confronted with this rather than Victorian science: "the wonderful thing about Gilligan's journalism is the huge return of conjecture one gets from such a small investment of fact".

Conjecture, innuendo, smears and in the case of the headline what is on the face of it arrant rubbish. Essentially the new facts in the piece are these:

1. Three web domains were registered all pointing to a campaign website;
2. Apparently registered by a web design company;
3. One that like dozens more has had some GLA or LDA contracts;
4. They used their own postal address;
5. But the contact name of one of Ken's advisors was given;
6. The registrations were made at 11:37 on Friday 13 July;
7. On that date at that time the advisor was working at City Hall.

Sadly, so far at least, The Standard have not published the comment I left three hours ago.

What is the accusation exactly? That someone spent 10 minutes and 5p of council tax precept on a private 'phone call while at work? No it's not even that really is it? You don't know when the call was made or from where or by whom do you? Or that someone else didn't use their name and contact details at 11:37? This is thin Mr Gilligan. Just an excuse to repeat other smears and half stories. It is very thin indeed. Are you actually working for the Boris Johnson campaign yourself? Is that true? Getting paid by The Standard but actually working for BoJo? Sweet.

As indicated above various other stories are rehearsed incompletely. That there was an issue in 2004. That there had been an investigation on grants. And so on. Without indicating the results. Smearage plain and simple.

For all I know this guy has spent five minutes of work time and either a mobile, a web browser or 5p of landline registering these sites. Then again there are many other possible scenarios to explain the facts. Such as: the web design company registered the site. Then there is of course the implication that this design company has been favoured in some way in the past and is returning that favour. But that's odd you know. Because as I say in the rehearsal of the facts above many companies will have won contracts from the GLA, LDA and related accounts.

Coming hot on the heels of the pile of steaming Martin Bright polemic on Channel 4 last night - including of course a reminder of the Standard/Finegold's action against Ken, though not that it collapsed - this shows basically how Ken's enemies know that there is literally NOTHING GOOD ABOUT BORIS versus the Mayor of London's Job. So instead of attempting a positive job selling that gaffe prone clown they are trying to nail Ken with flimsy "investigations" and flagrant dishonesty. Like that presumptuous headline of theirs.


Newmania said...

Yes it could be that is all there is to it. There may even be one or two people in the cosmos that believe it. Who can say ?
Chris ,...if this is what they publish imagine what they know , have you any idea how litigous Ken is ? They have to be careful.
After the Compass crapola you wren`t going to get a clean fight and who paid for that I wonder , coming ,as it did , from Ken`s favourite think tank. I have tried to find out how Compass is financed and I can tell you they do not make it easy.

I told you ...walk away , there is nothing in this for you or the Lahour Party whose support for Ken Lvingstone is a marriage of convenience with no kissing .

There is a lot more to come

Chris Paul said...

Compass is Ken's favourite think tank? Are you completely and utterly mad Mr Newman? What on earth are you on about?

As I said Gilligan hasn't made the case for the headline used by The Standard. Not close. And whatever you may say about Ken being litigious it simply ain't true. Not for the most part.

Press Complaints and counter attack is more likely I'd have said. Standards Board perhaps for any politicians who join in as Boris appeared to today.

Is Gilligan formally working for Boris Johnson? Answer me that. Compass is not relevant. They are like the Monday Club from Ken's perspective.

Anonymous said...

Come on, Pauly baby, spin your anus on this.

The deputy race adviser for Ken has just been thrown out the window at City Hall.

Another scumbag, just like Grell, lying like fuck.

The Labour Party is becoming the party of shitheads.

fairdealphil said...

Is Gilligan formally working for Boris, you ask...

Praps the question should be: 'is he STILL working for Boris...?

Who gave Gilligan a job at The Spectator after he was finally forced to leave the BBC..?

Er, step forward Boris Johnson...

No wonder Gilligan is now ready to do Boris a favour or two...

Chris Paul said...

I think Boris gave him his first job out of college also Phil ...

Anonymous 00:16: This woman was not as it goes the Shadow Chancellor. gGOO lies like there's no tomorrow almost every today. That's official.

Anonymous said...

Good article Chris. Sad that an erstwhile left publication like New Statesman has been dragged to the right. As for the Standard, it is a joke. Under Max Hastings can you believe it was far more balanced.