Monday, January 28, 2008

Boris Johnson: Capital Plaything for Pootlers?

Lib Dem Voice has a kind of wishy washy competition to decide what on earth Boris Johnson was on about in one of his columns:

I have an infallible solution. You go to XXXXXXXX. To be exact, you go to those deceptively simple whirly teacup things, and you subject the human body to the most extraordinary stresses and shears. Your teacup rotates in one direction. The teatray spins the other way.

Potential participants should be honour-bound not to google their way to the route one answer.

But there is something more to this. In the Telegraph column from which the quote is lifted Boris (right) mentions a commercial brand and its derivatives, with which he is already rather strongly linked, rather more than 20 times. Until it rather hurts. The owner of the major derivative also has at least part of Sea Life in County Hall, and the London Eye outside, and Tussauds, and all kinds of other UK and worldwide visitor and entertainment businesses.

As Buzzle suggests "You're just not sure if he’s on medication or the result of an alien abduction gone wrong."

But there is another possibility in this case. The ultimate owners - those rather nice Goldolphin stables chaps from Dubai I believe - also own great swathes of London real estate.

They may just be planning a little campaign donation? And the Buller Buffoon - already in sctuck of course for accepting inappropriate donations from disputing developers and failing to declare appropriate donations fully - may just be planning a plaything? To turn the capital into a theme park? Capital!

Appropriate Boris tribute image from Pootling, with rather too much time on their hands for their own good.


Anonymous said...

What about Boris and the Register of Members' Interests?

Chris Paul said...

Penultimate paragraph ...

But this could be a much bigger story I think. GuF will no doubt be onto it like a rat up a drainpipe.