Monday, January 28, 2008

Buller Dave: Greenwash Shown Up By Observer Food

Clearly a huge joke putting David Cameron in any eco top-40. Every eco-stunt he pulls gets found out in no time. Crappy wind turbine. Huge car or some say cars behind his bike. Jet to take huskies and DC to hug a glacier. Jetting everywhere else, paid for by Carbon-chomping zillionaires. Ha ha ha. 100% greenwash.

Congratulations to Polly Vernon for showing him up as completely and utterly unsuitable for the Observer's trick accolade.


Newmania said...

I rather agree but it is a personal rather than Party matter. Not very interesting .

Chris Paul said...

Er, a personal matter? Not very interesting?

The leader of the Tories and would be Prime Minister is clearly a silly toff - as posh as royalty - is playing at being environmental and running a propaganda campaign about various half-arsed actions and that doesn't actually matter?