Monday, January 07, 2008

Greening Our Roads: More Hare-Brained Schemes

Wouldn't you just know it? In response to the hare-brained Tories trying to lumber everyone in Greater Manchester with an extra layer of cost and tax i.e. elected mayors to stop a much misunderstood tax - which can be avoided by using public transport or driving off peak - we get the old "sell the airport" nonsense.

Covered by LOL under the even handed headline: Blogsclusive: Carbon Gargling Billionaire "Sell Me the Airport" (and Cook the Planet, and the Goose).

It ain't going to happen. If the Golden Goose killing idea could be countenanced at all it would be better to sell the thing in ten or twenty years, paying off any transport improvement debt and pocketing £5 to £10 Bn in change.

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