Sunday, January 20, 2008

Guido Fawkes: Boris Johnson Pants Down Fixation

Ho ho ho. Sewer blogger Guido Fawkes aka Mr GuF has updated his tedious media sleeping with the enemy story by claiming those of the left who think he's a pillock and more importantly betraying his supposedly libertarian philosophy by moralising in this way ... are hypocrites.

GuF's saying everyone on the left was up for jeering when it was Boris Johnson being caught with his big pants round his ankles.

Actually it is mostly the Tory sewer press that enjoy covering this stuff. But anyway, the difference is that Boris is an elected politician, a shadow mimicster, a London mayoral candidate. He's not a mere scribbler or TV presenter.

Perhaps I should give Guido another example?

If the recently defected Manchester councillor Faraz Bhatti - now a Cuddly New Tory, ex Libdemologist - was not an elected member but was instead a journalist and was caught adulterising ... his community might well be scandalised.

Perhaps his wife's family would give him "a good talking to" for dishonouring their family name?

But as he is an elected member he would also stand to lose his so-called "personal vote". And he couldn't complain if the newspapers went after him for it.

This is of course why most political parties aim to select level headed and highly moral individuals as candidates. David Cameron will have done his due diligence before accepting Faraz Bhatti's highly principled request to join the Tories.

POLITICAL INSIGHT: One possible political difference between Faraz and the Manchester Lib Dems has emerged recently. Enough to cause his defection?

The Lib Dems have been ignoring true falls in crime figures and rises in police numbers since 1997 and calling for more police while simultaneously calling for less action on anti-social behaviour.

Following a recent misunderstanding with police officers in a car park near Manchester Airport Faraz Bhatti is campaigning for less police and more turning a blind eye. "Don't you know who I am officer?"


Anonymous said...

Funny how crime figures are falling and yet even in my area the police are asking for more money due to the rise in crime, seems somebody is telling porkies.

Chris Paul said...

There are of course various different figures.

Reported crime and experienced crime being the two main types. Paradoxically the more Police officers, the more PCSOs, the more CCTV, the more efficient call handling and effective public participation campaigns the more crime is reported yet the less is experienced.

Reasonable people in mainstream parties agree that the BCS is the best measure of crime levels for this very reason.

In Manchester city centre the roll out of the CCTV has continued to push up reported crime because incidents picked up by the CCTV are logged whereas many of them would not otherwise be reported.

Manchester has one of the lowest per capita spends on police in the country as it goes. Half the spend in London as it goes.

Anonymous said...

As far as I can tell, Guido Fox breaks stories; tells the reader information they don't know.

Labour of Bollocks is not in that business. LoB tries to put an inane negative spin on Guido's stories

Why don't you get yourself on a evening journalism course?

You don't know anything. You've got nothing to say. And you don't know how to say it.

Chris Paul said...

Anonymous: Thank you so much for the anonymous appraisal. You are SOOOOO WRONG!

GuF does not break stories as such. He cobbles together a few bits and bobs, unchecked naturally, and then he BREAKS WIND.

He chats Fart. This is why his name is GuF. He is an entertainment only. He is not a source of validated or reliable information.

Only one post today. But then again I have been busy providing proper stories to proper journalists. And though you have not noticed the post you're commenting on includes the beginnings of some rather interesting stories.

GuF is ittle more than a warm up act.