Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Iain Dale: Feels a Cameron Mini-Shuffle Coming On

Iain Dale wonders out loud if there's a Cameron mini-shuffle going on. Clearly he knows all about* his good friend Derek Conway as they worked together on the catastrophic David Davis campaign. But he doesn't seem to know about the DWP Shadow Mimicster and solicitor and barrister Nigel Waterson MP who spent 13 hours in police custody on Sunday/Monday over child battering allegations. His own teenagers as it goes. Telegraph stress - this was not a sexual attack. Waterson was described on BBC News 24 as a "close friend" of Dave Cameron.

Here he is on child protection (with respect to Section 28 in 2003):

The onus should be on the Government to come up with an alternative method of protecting our children, rather than that being left to the official Opposition?

An alternative method of protecting Mr Waterson's children is indeed needed urgently as he is on police bail until March. The Telegraph report states that the violent abuse is not a one-off but part of a pattern.

* Actually I'm not sure even Iain knew about the shady double life.


Newmania said...

I think he does know ...not a good thre days but its such trivia really

Chris Paul said...

"It's such trivia" Newmania. Wendy Alexander messing up by accepting £950 from some Channel Islander (Dave did 7 x as badly) had Guido and Dale and Dizzy and all frothing yet some Tory handing his sons 50 x as much and counting and not being able to show a stroke of work in return is "such trivia"? Please explain yourself.