Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Iain Dale: Will Never Get a Conviction Out of Peter Hain!

Sad to say Iain Dale is again barking up the wrong damned tree. He will never get a conviction out of Peter Hain.

The Electoral Commission are bound to refer matters to the police if they think there is a reasonable chance (who knows what the test for that would be) of some illegality worthy of a £5000 fine or a suspension. So they've a choice to make.

But I'm not sure lateness but with full disclosure would actually hit the button for that.

The CPS would then only prosecute if on the balance of probability they can get a conviction. And to get that conviction they would need a "beyond reasonable doubt". With Peter Hain it would be hard to get any conviction at all. Boom boom.

Still nothing from Iain about Osborne and the other Tory money launderers?

Even Guido Fawkes is covering it and he wasn't exonerating Osborne as of last night. And Donal Blaney was saying Osborne should get what's coming to him. If anything. Just like Hain.

Toastmaster: The Lakelander via Dale. I believe Osborne is on the other side. But there are limits to the art department's photoshopping skills and time. Couple of portfolios to run, doncha know?

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jailhouselawyer said...

Talking about conviction and barking up the wrong tree...

I have posted "A day in court". I was originally arrested for assault and being the owner of a dangerous dog. The assault was lowered to threatening behaviour at the charge stage, and this morning even that charge was dropped.

Personally, I think it was the Park Ranger and not Rocky barking up the wrong tree...He might if you ask him nicely cock his leg up and wet Iain Dale's trousers...