Thursday, January 24, 2008

Peter Hain: Has Resigned from Work and Pensions

Still continuing as Secretary of State for Wales while he works to clear his name. This follows the Electoral Commission handing findings to Met Police. David Davies is on News 24, doing his level best not to break into a huge grin.

UPDATE: BBC Online got the story at 12.25.

UPDATE 12:50: Contrary to earlier report looks like Hain may be resigning Welsh Secretary role too. Lembit Opik called for him to stay? Plaid Cymru say he'd be welcome back as he has done a good job.


Anonymous said...

A hounding out of Peter Hain - Unlike others in the otherpartys Peter found the discrepencies he had been lkeft with and went public.

Compare the press coverage with this little item.

A documented attempt to steal £15,000 of tax payers money - no police action, no appology, no requests for impeachment, and no resignation.

The conduct of these three Nationalists makes me ashamed to be Welsh !

Anonymous said...

Sorry the ULR reference of the Parliamentary report was truncated. I post again.

Please add together the two lines.