Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Worst Council Finances: LibDem Liverpool, Con Southend

Number twelve in the Daley dozen is a Lib Dem Voice whine about the unfairness of the appallingly mis-run-by-Libdems city of Liverpool being designated appallingly mis-run-by-Libdems. It absolutely is appallingly run. With the Storey/Bradley conspiracies and cock ups flowing in equal measure as they muller one of our great cities.

A subject we may return to. But neither Mr Dale nor LDV seems to have paid attention to the actual Guardian report.

Southend and the Scilly Islands are in fact in the same bag. The former being officially Tory, with no eons ago Militant Tendancy to excuse themselves, and the latter being unofficially conservative, with a Lib Dem MP and more likely a Military tendancy than anything Trotty.

IT'S OFFICIAL: All three could provide services for £100 lower Council Tax.

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