Monday, February 25, 2008

Dizzy: Supposedly Thinks Before Posting, Not This Time

Dizzy manages a Eats Shoots and Leaves headline: Stealing Tory Arguments and Praising Dictators before mangling arguments in both parts of his treatise. Just a core dump from a Dizzy head. Not an instance of corroboration or context.


tory boys never grow up said...

I've already commented on his previous posting making an incorrect claim of Stalinism and breach of habeas corpus because the Home Office are looking to freeze the assets of those charged with drug dealing so that they are around for confiscation should they be convicted.

Yet again we are treated to another throwaway comparison to Stalin/Hitler/whichever nasty dictator comes into their heads. And last week we had their predictably stupid comments on Auschwitz.

What is interesting is how it is the nasty/stupid (difficult to differentiate which is which from time to time) Tory bloggers which rise to the top.

It is interesting to think which historical figure we should compare Cameron to if we were to operate on the same basis - someone who is weak, will say anything to get elected, won't face down the nasty elements in his own party, probably has a far more right wing agenda supporting his own interests - the obvious comparison is Dubya, but if I was being naughty perhaps a certain disciple just wanders across my mind.

Anonymous said...

Absolute garbage - again! There's an inceasing desperation about your ramblings, Chris. You know that you will never get anywhere near the traffic of the top bloggers. So, give it up and let your little friends do something useful with their time - like finishing their NVQ Level 4 courses in Political Sciences.

I only come here every so often to help. Believe me, you are a laughing stock with no credibility. Turn yourself into an arts or fashion blog and you will be a winner. Trust me, I'm a proctologist!

Yours truly


Chris Paul said...

Proctologist? It is tres amusant that you sign yourself "spot the waste of space". Refreshingly honest of you. And you visit at least once most days you sad old sock puppet you.

Never but never addressing the content, always but always snide and meaningless.

Anonymous said...

This particular rant from Dizzy - rather like all the sock puppet outpourings of "spotthewasteofspace" - was utterly founded in fantasy and cant.

No one has accused the Tories of racism for raising the managerial issues of incomers and Labour authorities have been raising this kind of thing for years, along with authorities of all stripes, though Labour cities seem to get the most "dispersal" cases.

Cheap shot from Dizzy and well done Mr Paul for keeping an eye on the Tory cloggers.

jailhouselawyer said...

Well done Chris, you did indeed spot the waste of space.