Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Guido Fawkes: Karl Marx Predicted End is Nigh

Oh dear me. The half-baked prattlings of the right wing libertarian blogger, hedgie, charity commission investigatee, unmitigated self aggrandiser, false prophet, infiltrator of both fascists and SDP, and pernicious tax avoider Paul Staines aka Guido Fawkes aka Mr GuF are, according to the great dramatist himself, to form the new foundation for the decisions of those scaling the towering heights of global capitalism.

This could be the tipping point that Marx was waiting for.

Meanwhile: Speaking of tipping points, a generous hat tip to GuF for pointing his cavalier tifter at Slugger O'Toole and BBC for coverage of the beginnings of the downfall of Paisley Junior. Last time I was in North Antrim the word was the uncharismatic chip off the old block was out of his depth in hot waters over land deals in the Bay which nestles round Giant's Causeway. More anon I'll be bound.


skipper said...

i think I agree with your line on Guido and, maybe, Dale too. I can't abide the smug reactionary righteousness of Guido and, especially, those twits who take time out of their City lunchbreaks to comment on his trivialities. maybe I'm just jealous...

Chris Paul said...

Thanks Skipper. A few years ago Guido was publishing his blog to very few comments and far less traffic. It is the National Inquirer/Sunday Sport of Blogs. Never mind the quality etc.

Iain Dale seems to be rushing into type too hastily and getting more and more wrong. And he never apologises. But he's worth his place as gossip in chief of the right as he does get his audience revved up, both for and agin.

Guido mainly has/allows sycophants. Does he pay them? Does he have some iffy IT fix on his clicks to generate the traffic he boasts about so much?

Really, the idea of the City and indeed global capitalism basing their decisions on Guido GuF is so far up himself it's painful to see.

Anonymous said...

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