Thursday, February 14, 2008

Iain Dale: DFID Pull Plonker With Viral

Ha ha ha. Ho ho ho. Happy Valentines! Iain Dale has posted an EXCLUSIVE on how DFID have made a video for Valentines that will "never be seen". And posted that video! Chump!

Seriously though, commissioned "publications" don't always get passed for formal distribution. Clearly Doughty Street would run virtually anything, but others have higher standards. This sort of thing happens under both parties of government. Some years ago under Maggie Thatcher's vile regime Manchester City Council commissioned a video about upcoming Job Creation plans.

Maggie "Milk Snatcher" Thatcher put this into reverse with a great axe taken to northern town halls, job freezes and cuts. Although the Manchester Soviet managed to avoid compulsory redundancies, the video had to be scrapped.

The presenter as I recall spent much of his time "on his bike" taking Norman Tebbit's advice. If I can get hold of a copy I'll get it published.


Quiet_Man said...

So can the taxpayers who funded all this have their money back please?

Thought not.

Chris Paul said...

It is the nature of the advertising and media markets, is it not quiet man, that some of the output ends up on the cutting room floor?

Very likely Guido's single-handed bringing down of a reshuffle upon us cost trillions in cancelled print, rewritten leaflets, changed steers from ministers etc. Let's bill GuF shall we?

There is another possibility of course. Are you offering on behalf of the spectre of Thatcherism to pay Manchester and other Northern cities back for the damage wreaked by the Magwitch?