Sunday, February 17, 2008

Intercept Evidence: Ashley Like Headless Chicken

Ever since the ambitious young plane spotter Cllr Faraz Bhatti booked a room and started a kissy kissy love in with Dave Cameron's Conservatives poor old Manchester Lib Dem "leader" Simon Ashley has worn a worried frown rather than his more customary addled village idiot grin.

Intercept evidence now reaching LOL finds Simple Simon ringing round one or two or three or four of his wandering flock - the ones considered to be the biggest flight risk - seeking their expressions of fealty. Any who will not instantly kiss his ring, metaphorically speaking, find the 'phone slammed down on them.

Big questions are doing Lib Dem rounds on Ashley's choice of cold calls. The question is not "Why Me?" among the waverers he does identify. But "Why Not Me?" among those he has missed. "Doesn't he care if I leave?" they implore.

When, or if, Cllr John Leech MP gives up his council fiefdom the two who remain there will become a definite flight risk. Shameless Norm and Semi Tone are both Labourites at heart and will very likely look upon the newly elected Councillor Hacking as the Officer material to replace the perennial NCO Leech.


Anonymous said...

I've just heard today that LibDems have another defection of a Muslim cllr in Manchester to Labour.

Fact of fiction. Who is it? Be the first to blog it

Newmania said...

You try too hard , this remoreslessly breezy Stan Lee prose does not suit you and sounds desperate . Calm down you are too old for hip and do it the way grannies dance at weddings.

Iain Dale is a good at it why not try to be more like him?

Nuff said

Chris Paul said...

It's fact Suz. Newmania, you're barking mad.

Anonymous said...

Norman still thinks one of his girlfriends - Bernie - is going to get the gig as another £15,000 a year Lib Dem waste of space. Leech cannot allow that, surely?