Wednesday, February 06, 2008

John Leech Nailed, Again: More Good News for Christie

Amanda Crook of the Manchester Evening News has great news today. Cllr John Leech claimed, without a single shred of evidence or any factual basis, that The Christie Hospital was threatened with closure, forming a key part of his 2005 campaign. It is to expand in a £35M development.

Leech's spurious campaign even involved distribution of Hoax Closure leaflets to vulnerable chemo- and radio- therapy patients, most of whom were not voters in the constituency. Even though he was told he was wrong in no uncertain terms, before a single of his leaflets were printed, he pushed on regardless. He continually relies on "50 Doctors" or "60 Doctors" having signed a petition. But amazingly the document was (a) not a petition, (b) did not claim a closure threat, and (c) was not signed by anyone. Isn't the Freedom of Information Act a wonderful thing?

Since Leech's spurious campaign there has been announcement after announcement of good news and positivity for Christie.

The fashion among Leech's cronies and supporters has been to say that a campaign on which Leech led two glossy leaflets was nothing. Irrelevant to the result. The facts contradict this claim. In a recent letter to the South Manchester Reporter the author Cath Stanicliffe claimed that she knew instantly that the Christie claim was "twaddle". Many others were not so astute. And what's more Mr Leech won't own up to this obvious twaddle of his.

Without a shred of shame or an ounce of apology Leech has grabbed onto the shirt tails of every announcement and still claims to this day that he was right to launch the campaign. Even though it was based on a complete fiction. He will no doubt try to spin this latest major investment as the result of his good works.

LOL cannot get corrobation for a tip off from Lib Dem insiders that Leech has been trying to get his hands on a Health portfolio. This is to continue with his diversionary cover-up for a shameless hospital hoax. Sadly, though he makes an impression - busy-doing-nothing - Leech's busy-ness is mostly party political campaigning rather than of any value whatsoever to his constituents. I hope I'm never one of them.


Anonymous said...

Old news Chris

A good article on why the seat was lost is at

It should be compulsory reading at chortlton labour party.

The seat has to be fought for- Leech has the incumbents advantage and frankly Lucys admiration for Gordon is doing her no favours

Chris Paul said...

Old news? The £35M boost, announced on the day of my post? Or the fact that Leech is a hoaxer etc?

Chortlton?? Is that deliberate??

Anonymous said...

christie hoax! yawn yawn.more like sour grapes.
Your lot were well and truly trounced
Leech may be much more popular than ou think