Thursday, February 21, 2008

More Guff from the Gufster: Guido Fawkes Plays Thick

More GuF I'm afraid. Is Guido expecting us to believe he's thick as crusty dung? The Granite/Northern Rock relationship is clear and has been for months. Surely Guido is not so thick that he doesn't know the difference between owning something and having inward and/or outward obligations to partners?

Earlier the dyed-in-the-wool all-mouth-and-not-trousers bully boy was expecting us to believe he was so thick and juvenile - like the freshest and very thickest clotted cream perhaps - that he thought it was clever to split hairs on whether a person or transactions they are allegedly involved in are being investigated by the Metropolitan Police.

Obviously Guido flunked his degree - crashing and burning pitifully from some benighted yorkshire Tech - but there's always lifelong learning to offer a second chance. Would anyone join me in pledging £1 to a Guido Education Trust?


Anonymous said...

Why don't you make the pledge £10 or the like and do it on pledge bank or the like? I'll join in if you do.

Anonymous said...

Where are all the posts on your blog. Oh, I see, it's boring, blinkered, tribal, my gang's better than your gang's bollox. No wonder few people read here anymore.

Chris Paul said...

Never mind this "not impressed" GuF sock muppet. Please deal in substance, not these empty and psychologically projected insults. Is it ir is it not a fact that:

1. GuF is a bully boy. Threatening bloggers with writs indeed.

2. GuF is a propagandist. More guilty of your my gang, your gang accusation that those rebutting his crap.

3. GuF is either very thick (I think not) or is continually engaged in trading non sequitors and duff statistics as if he believes in them.

All the best