Friday, February 22, 2008

Norman Baker MP: Hollywood Fantasy Screenplay?

Comments over at Dizzy's suggest that Norman Baker MP's bill for book-researching Written Parliamentary Questions alone could be £54,000. Plus the £32,000 we calculated for his own and office time compiling the things. And then there are the Freedom of Information requests. And any time involved in writing the damned book.

[spoiler alert]Suggestion even that a Hollywood Fantasy screenplay is even now taking shape in the Palace of Westminster. When My Left Foot came out my own mother informed a stunned household that this was about "an heroic mother". So Baker's screenplay is about the sleuth uncovering the conspiracy rather than the poor dead scientist, featured only in swirly flashback mode. Baker to be played by Jack Black, Kelly by Daniel Day Lewis, who else? I believe "Baker/Black" wakes up at the end and all the toss in the book turned out to be just a dream. In fact Baker/Black had been hypnotised by Al Queda's Osama Bin Laden (John Cleese) and done the deed himself. Quite a 'reveal' there at the end.[/spoiler alert]


Newmania said...

Now that is very funny indeed. Having said that the dossier certainly was sexed up as we now see in the NS .In any case Brown went as far towards admitting it as he possibly could.

As the Conservative Party supprted the war with or withour WMDs..its a slightly compromised accusation which is lucky for New Labour IMHO

Chris Paul said...

I agree. Though your "slightly" has to become "highly" in my book. I was agin all along. And so were 139 Labour MPs which paradoxically made us the leading anti-war party numerically by a factor of 250%. The fact that Man Wit MP John Leech was absolutely invisible in early demonstrations, in fact until the last year or two post-election, makes it a weakness of his position that he is implying otherwise.