Friday, February 22, 2008

Northern Rock: It's All George Osborne's Fault

Well, not quite; but PoliticalHackUK reports some poll results which support the complete vindication theory of the Rock and the Hard Place. Around 80% of the public in all rightly hold a factor or factors other than the skilled handling of a complex problem by the Treasury as being responsible.


Newmania said...

I think that may be right but then Black Wednesday would have been the same if not worse with Labour . In fact immediately after this event polls briefly held up well ( astonishingly ) it was only as the real cuts in standards of living came though that the disaster began to take shape .

If the next year or two have even a mild slow down then the fact that reliability Brown has becom culpability Brown will gather a retrospective weight .
If I`m really honest , an outright Conservative victory was always going to be very diffcult to achieve in relatively benign conditions but as each year goes past in whch hard descisions are avoided the collapse of Labour becomes more and more certain.

Chris Paul said...

All the comparisons of this little upset with Black Wednesday are plainly ridiculous. And Cam and Goo are getting more and more manic and toff-like in their desperation to improve that they are turning off the great British public.

The UK are headed for a Sweden style decades long efficient and wise governance by social democrats. Cam and Goo and Bojo are throwbacks to noblesse oblige and all that rot.

They say they want to be our leaders. We asked to see their licence. It was 20 years out of date.