Friday, February 29, 2008

Young Turks: The 2005 Committee Wants to KO Conway

Reports Iain Dale. Inspiration perhaps from the Backbench 1922 Committee formed after the 1923 election precipitated by a 1922 move to break coalition with the Liberals.

This might be seen - in conjunction with Cam's bad fist of PMQs this week - as an attempt at a Clause 4 Moment. A year or so out from a General Election.


Anonymous said...

Well, of course, this would also mean Hain et al leaving us - so soon?

I wouldn't put any store by the '05 Tory intake. They were elected on Howard's coattails and are something of an embarassment for Cameron, who is supposed to be the face of Tory youth, yet finds in the intake below him more a Howardjugend of Dorrieseses, Burroweseses, Handses, etc.

Chris Paul said...

Well anonymous I really don't see - at this stage - why Hain "et al" would have to leave anything. Del Boy Conway is in a league of his own for the moment on this one.

He was secretly playing family fortunes. Hain etc were paying for leaflets and print and the like. Declaring it late of course. But not ripping the tax payer off.

The twice divorced fibster Nadine Dorries hasn't signed the thing anymore than she was born in a Council House.

Are these 27 of some particular calibre or outlook to justify the Howardjugend crack?