Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another Day Off Blogging: Musing on Rape Case

Another day off blogging. Sorry. Busy with various work things. But no excuses.

Also considering what to do about the request in comments for an exposition of the part of John Leech and others in the accused rape raised there.

GMP also have a lot of explaining to do on that IMO. And local media that let it go. But I'll let you know.


Anonymous said...

Musing on a rape case? Busy with various work things? (What, picking up litter on the central reservation of the M6?)

Come on Chris. You were the one complaining that Iain Dale was not feeding you with enough issues that you could get excited about:

There's been loads of stuff you could have a go about in the last couple of days - OK, yesterday you made one rather feeble comment about Speaker Martin's ruling on MPs expenses being sub judice - but apart from that, you really seem to be out of the loop these days.

It couldn't be because you forsee the decimation of the Labour Party in the May 1st elections, can it?

Chris Paul said...

Brilliant! Incisive! Rubbish! Ignorant comments!

I didn't say anything at all about the Speaker's "ruling" being "sub judice" now did I?

And I'm certainly not seeing any upcoming decimation of Labour in Manchester or Liverpool or indeed Newcastle or Leeds or Brum or Bristol. Are you?

How about Rochdale?