Friday, March 07, 2008

Black Questions: Sauce for the Goose and for the Gander

Extraordinary. Iain Dale is whining. That's not extraordinary. But it is when it is about a new telly show called Any Black Questions (facebook group). Iain seems to be saying he finds this offensive. He has inferred that all the panellists are black. Which may be correct.

But then 100% of the last Question Time panel were white. And 80% male. Farage was a monster raving looney too. And that's not unusual. The BBC have of course just kicked off a season named White.

What is Iain on about? The norm on politics shows is a spectacular white male dominance. If nothing else this show gives some panellists the chance to learn the ropes and transfer with confidence to the mainstream. What's wrong with that?

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