Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Cash on the Nail: How the Tories Treat Inner Cities

"You couldn’t make it up" concludes Cllr Iain Lindley in a rather petty, rather inaccurate, rather made up, attack on Salford MP and CLG Minister Hazel Blears. Our thrusting Salford Tory draws attention to a rather petty Sam Coates piece on Red Box. This concludes with an inaccurate spiel:

Hazel, in particular, related a frankly rather unpleasant tale of how she ambushed Daid Cameron at Salford "Lad's Club". He was there to get an autograph from members of The Smiths, who were performing. So the Communities Secretary organised an ambush mob with signs saying "Oi Dave - Eton's Lads' Club is 300 miles that way" and "Salford Lads not Eton snobs". He was forced out the back door and went home without an autograph.
And that night I sent him a photo of me outside Salford's Lads' Club, with greetings from Salford!

What do the words "ambush mob" conjure up? Something rather like the running clashes of the Battle of Trimdon Green in the Sedgefield By-election? In fact this ambush mob comprised two or three stalwarts with scruffy signs occupying the ground just in front of the iconic Salford Lads Club to prevent Cam getting a propaganda snap, aping the original and best by my old mate Steve Wright. Cam went in and out by the back door. The autograph denial line is I think spurious Tory twaddle.

In comments Iain Lindley draws attention to more of his own propaganda and to the utterly ridiculous findings of the utterly ridiculous Channel M, a so-called community TV station. These were that they couldn't find anyone in the area who supported the protest. More likely that they couldn't find anyone in the area that had even heard of Channel M (total viewers ... two).

The area is not deemed worthy of receiving the local Salford Advertiser freesheet which plugs its broadcast stablemate: Granada's mini-me rather than a useful outlet for communities. A likely response would have been: "Let him come, but we remember Thatcher's destruction of our industry and our lives, and we'll not be voting for any Tory party round here."

This would particularly be the case if/when Cam's Conservatives put up another eligible socialite ladette like Bill Cash's daughter Laetitia Cash/Gunn - I kid you not - to take on Taste of Honey's gritty, realistic urchin Hazel Blears.

Laetitia has no respect for others whatsoever and flashes the gnashers but doesn't flash the cash.

She is around 40th on the Eh List and in a similar position on Tatler's list of society faces.

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Anonymous said...

Being a tory and taking 10 items into the 5 items or less cue are both evidence of being a deeply reprehensible human being, but I think I'd still give her one.... (obviously I'm slightly ashamed about this so am making this post anonymously)