Monday, March 10, 2008

Cllr John "Cancer Hoax" Leech: "Will Face Consequences"

Whippy Clogg has made it known that he's (a) gunning for the ne'er-do-well John Leech, and (b) excusing a Sheik's bookman and PPC for Oldham and Saddleworth from repeating hard racist views without comment, by way of a dog whistle report the Manchester Evening News.

The Lib Dems are it seems constitutionally obliged to be apolitical. To quote Clogg, to "represent the views of his constituents, which is what we all have to do - even if we don't like it." Er, no, Whippy, that's actually contemptible and weak. There are times when elected representatives should LEAD. Lib Dems are bang out of order FOLLOWING pig-headed racists.

This was the excuse of Lib Dem activists either side of the Leeds Road in the latter constituency when they supported a mosque's planning application one side of the street and disparaged it the other. Contemptible and weak.

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Stephen Newton said...

I've said I'm on blog why Leech will ignore his leader, but Clegg does come across as inept; 'a decision was made on their behalf.'

Leadership is something Lib Dems simply do not do.