Friday, March 14, 2008

Guido Fawkes the GuF Blogger: Has Cloth Ears

Looks like the anarcho-imperialist hedgie swear blogger Paul Staines aka Guido Fawkes aka Mr GuF has cloth ears like his master's voice "Dave" Cameron. Actually that's not fair. I take it back. Both of them know full well that Ed Balls said "So Weak!" rather than "So What?".

Both sadly are shameless fibbers and mischievists.

BBC Online is balanced while failed Lib Dem councillor Norfolk Blogger is clearly unbalanced, insisting he is right even when Hansard and indeed the Video (above) uploaded by GuF simply shows the feeble Cameron lying about the original Balls heckle. Recorded as "So Weak!" in Hansard.


tory boys never grow up said...

And of course no one comments about Cameron's claim that we have the highest taxes ever - which is of course absolute garbage as it was far higher in Thatcher's time as demonstrated by the fiscal aggregate figures at the Institute of Fiscal Studies website

And then we have Osborne saying that he wouldn't raise taxes, while he wants to reduce the deficit but isn't prepared to cut spending. Even my 6 year old was able to see through that logic this morning.

Diablo said...

Gosh! "tory boys never grow up" using his family to make a political (if very inaccurate) point. Is there some sort of consensus here?

Your problem "tbngu" is that you are defending the indefensible. Labour are spinning for all they are worth that the economy is basically sound and will weather the world economic storms that are gathering. But the problem is that the UK's economy has been so badly handled by Brown (and, now Darling) that it has no room for manouevre. It is now boxed in by all its previous tax and spend policies that all it has is the hope that the US can get us out of the hole it has dug for itself.

You might find yourself being "Labour Boy with Nowhere To Go" very soon. Be afraid, lad. Be very afraid

tory boys never grow up said...

And why are the points I make "very inaccurate" - perhaps rather than making stupid threats you might answer the points raised - i.e tax is not at the highest level ever, and the Tory strategy of maintaining expenditure, reducing taxes and reducing the government defict at the same time just doesn't work. And if you want to give me some guff about how reducing taxes will increase the overall tax take - could you please provide some evidence as to how this will work in the UK economy - particularly in the short term and with the lenient Tory attitude to tax evasion.

BTW perhaps you could explain why every reputable economic forecaster is predicting the the UK economy will continue to grow this year - but I'm sure your profound economic insight will tell us why all these economists are wrong and you are right.

And yes the world economy is dependent (but not entirely) on the US economy - and what has created the problems there. Perhaps we could discuss the similarities between Bush's and Osborne's economic and fiscal policies - to say nothing about Cameron's combination of scoial conservatism and dog whistles to the true believers, which is straight out of Bush's original elction strategy.

And even if the US economy is having a hard time - perhaps we could look to our more significant trading partners in Europe - but don't you want us to leave the EU - and I'm sure that your infantile EUSSR garbage is bound to improve our trade in Europe.

If you want to engage in economic debate more than happy to do so, but on current form you need to be afraid, very afraid. in the meantime please leave the yah boo sucks stuff at home - you don't appear to be very good at it.

Chris Paul said...

Well well.

Clearly Cameron's claim was rubbish and in so far as in absolute terms it might even be true "so what?" would have been a fair enough response as pro rata the tax burden is still less than the Thatch and Major managed. "So weak!" also works well. And WEAK is the correct word for all the Tory "policy" we're not being told about.

Tories in the country want cuts in tax, cuts in spending, cuts in Euro ties, cuts in everything basically.

Weak, weak, weak.

Fact is the UK economy has proved to be more robust than others internationally and that serious people know that this is a real achievement for Brownian economics. Built of course on a few short moments of Clarkian management recovering from the Lamontian/Cameroon debacle of Black Wednesday.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Call me unbalanced if you want, but failed councillor ? I stood down, having moved, and I handed my seat over to another Lib Dem, who won comfortably.

If that's failure then the Labour Party in my area must be even worse. No councillors at all !

Guido fan said...

What a shit blog! Full of deluded idiots.