Monday, March 24, 2008

HoP Poetry: Cabinet of Curiosities or Wunderkammer?

Was interested to hear Alex Hilton of the reactivated Recess Monkey blog on Radio Five Live yesterday. Musing and amusing about the muse that has infected the HoP (right).

Denis MacShane told the Mail: "I think a rather better poem would be:

Pity poor Dave
So rich and so blue
The Tories to save
Nothing he'll not do."

Which is almost bad enough to constitute a confession. But I think the whole thing's Balls. Which might be an accusation. Or it might be literary criticism. More likely perhaps is Cam or Goo or Gove; or perhaps the person of persons unknown who carved a four letter word on Blair's dispatch box. As Mr Hilton revealled.

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Anonymous said...

There is room for additional verse here - but some things are best left unsaid.