Friday, March 14, 2008

Iain Dale: "Thought" for the Day, Heralds Slash and Burn?

Iain Dale needs to explain what the Tories plan to cut, apart presumably from the shameless doh-brain soundbites?


Anonymous said...

The most interesting thing about the Tories' 'they failed to save during the good times' line is that they finally acknowledge the last ten years were good.

Chris Paul said...

That's true enough. Far better than we'd have had from Tories that's for sure. Which aware working people or indeed Benefitistas would vote Tory or for anyone else that presages Tory rule? Ditto the so called Urban Intelligentsias. Are they really going to inflict penury on the less well off?

GOO and Cameron are quite simply lying. Over and over and over again.