Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mike Todd: Chief Constable, Found Dead in Snowdonia

Shocking news. Greater Manchester's Chief Constable Mike Todd has been found dead in Snowdonia. Attempts are being made to recover his body. Radio Five report that notes to his family have been recovered.

When I met the man and discussed policing issues and the fight against racism with him in Spring 2004 I was very impressed with him. He told me that he loved being a police officer. Every day he said was like Christmas. Excepting the day when Detective Constable Stephen Oake was killed, in the course of an arrest.


Kacy said...

Very sad loss of a do-gooder. Why do we hear of so many wives and children losing their beloved husband and dad. When we have stories of the spouse and father who inflict pain upon those close to him or her. These people are the sinners of the world where no tears would fall should an accident like this befall upon them

Odam Tobagram said...

A cruel world. I remember him as a 17 year old police cadet. He was a very good person to know. Determined but sensitive. A terrible combination in today's world. Another victim of the press which he tried so hard to court.
Graham Butler

Robert said...

Well we will see, it looks like he might have had a depressive illness, something New Labour believe does not excist, perhaps this might make those who do sod all in society look at the people who do work in an area of extreme pressure.

Chris Paul said...

Certainly does seem as though Mike Todd suffered from episodes of depressive illness which as you probably know covers a huge range of symptoms, feelings, chemical states etc.

I haven't myself seen any coverage of any treatment he was receiving or newsd of any way in which he was let down by the NHS or by the GMP who as his employer have a duty of care to manage stress in their workforce. From top to bottom.

Your assertion that New Labour does not believe that depressive illnesses exist is absolutely ridiculous trollery. If you are going to make such assertions you might at least chuck in an argument or two to make your case.