Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sky News Graphics: Before and After Pics for Farron

Looks like Tim Farron (before, fresh faced) plus two alternative futures. One if he adopts beard and sandals, the other if he goes for the old forked tongue and pock marked modernity. Ghastly prospects both.


Anonymous said...

At least they have principles, unlike you shower of shits that decided to welch on your promise on a referendum - but then decided you had better just change it A TINY BIT so that you could come up with an insultingly feeble argument for denying the people of this country a say before more of our sovereignty is pissed away to Brussels where even time serving fuckers like you cannot undo the damage..

Anonymous said...

You Tories never fail to make me chuckle, you don’t get it and will never get it.

You scoff at the lib dems who rebelled, but those rebellious MPs were supporting you…Square that one. Takes flip flopping to new dimensions, ridiculing people who actually supported your amendment to the Lisbon Treaty Bill

Those who rebelled, their seats are now safe as houses. They can go to their constituencies with their heads held high, and will be admired for their stance.

Also today was supposed to be Browns annus horriblous, but he is back at No ten this evening chuckling into his drinking chocolate.

Cameron lost, IWAR look stupid, and furthermore in the weeks running up to this vote IWAR did more to publicize the Treaty debate than the Tories. In fact cowardly cambo hide behind the coat tails of IWAR.

Chris Paul said...

Top analysis here as ever from anons on LOL comments. The critical comparison is surely with the existing treaties that are being engrossed as "Lisbon" rather than with some dead duck constitution that has already fallen.

Most people don't actually give one about this. They may answer a leading question one way or another but this is scarcely in people's top ten. Inflation, jobs, mortgage rates, minimum wage, pension indexation, crime, NHS, climate, schools, transport, and exceptionally foreign policy are all ahead of EU.

Whether the grass gets mowed, the litter picked, and overall some optimism and liberties also figure ahead of this EU issue.

Everything counts in large amounts said...

Don't forget planning, tree preservation orders, flooding, free range chickens, "Dr" McKeith's poo samples, Ant and Dec Saturday Takeaway, plastic bag cessation. All ahead of some crap about the EU. Brown did well to take the piss on signing IMVHO.