Saturday, March 08, 2008

Violence Against Women: John Leech Gets in a Pickle

Incidentally Lucy Powell has used half her Guardian Blog this week to comment on violence against women and the recent march in Manchester (right). Domestic violence, sexual assault and rape. South Manchester Blogger Stephen Newton has drawn attention in comments to an extraordinary letter, leaked to the South Manchester Reporter.

This was from Lucy's main opposition in Manchester Withington - a ruthless self-publicist who will it seems stop at nothing - in which the clot claimed that student hubbub provides a cover for rapists.

When I first saw the story in the South Manchester Reporter I was half hoping that it was going to cover another shameful incident involving this weak parliamentarian, his close friends, and his appalling attitude to such matters. But alas, not this time. The matter in question was either not properly investigated or any investigation covered up by the police. One day, one day.


Anonymous said...

No one - no matter the gender or age should have to suffer at the hands of someone else.

Chris Paul said...

Correct KC, though surely you agree that there is systemic violence against some groups and that these deserve special attention?

Anonymous said...

Correct with your assumption Chris " I do agree". Love this blog filled with issues that I enjoy reading

Chris Paul said...

Thanks KC