Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Boris Johnson: Tribune Retread for Sun Advert 1992

LabourHome has a sneak preview of tomorrowFriday's Tribune Poster Cover.

Conspiracy theorists will also notice a "Brown Must Go" item trailed.

Dr Huq concludes her review of this and last night's Mayoral debate by suggesting the designers might have used an energy-saving lamp.

But they were probably quite right, don't you think?

One of the biggest problems with Johnson and the Tories generally is that their Greenwash don't. Don't wash.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Have worked out how to put up pix so it's now at mine as well. Gosh isn't this incestuous this blog malarkey?

Chris Paul said...

Surely can be.

Anonymous said...

At least Boris turns up for hustings he promises to attend
Unlike your beloved Ken.
Red Ken who became Mayor the first time as a ind then joined the Labour Party again straight after
The sooner London is rid of the traitor that is Ken the better

Vote Boris Johnson on May 1st

Chris Paul said...

I think you'll find Boris has missed a few appointments in his time too. Including getting home for tea and breakfast with his long suffering wife and children.

The fact Livingstone was outwith the LP when he first got the job and remains a pragmatic lefty is highly irrelevant to Londoner's choice.


The fact Johnson will likely have Conrad Black, Darius Guppy and other convicted shysters in his team of incompetence to run London into the ground ought to be considered relevant.


Widdy would have been better. And a better HIGNFY host also.

Anonymous said...

If he's so good at the job as you say why is he behind Boris in the Polls.
he's just like the rest of your party needs to be put out of it's misery.
When Gordon Brown grows a set of balls and calls an election the better.
Or if it was left to your party then elections wouldn't exist would they?

Red Maria said...

Er, I think I had the Trib cover before Labour Home.