Saturday, April 19, 2008

David Lindsay: New Labour Are Cleaned Up Trots

David Lindsay formed his own party last year and promises to field candidates nationally for this all-encompassing BPA (British People's Alliance).

Now, in a short notice re Gwyneth Dunwoody's death, he is pointing out that New Labour were/are troublesome Trotskyites.


Anonymous said...

Why do give the sad, delusional and troubled Lindsay any oxygen of publicity? He's actually in need of medical help - not massaging his damaged psyche by acknowledging him. Let him deal with his demons in his own way.

Mind you, a lot of that applies to you too, Chris.

Chris Paul said...

Cheers anon, another piece of heroic late night anonymity. The splendid and controversial point about New Labour being Cleaned Up Trots deserves recognition, surely.

Ken said...

David Lindsay's heart is in the right place, alas the same cannot always be said of that part of the anatomy between his ears.

The British Peoples' Alliance nonsense is an example of the latter. What he should have done was post his ideas up and let everyone discuss or ignore them.

Trying to pretend that the BPA is rather more than D. Lindsay was his big mistake.

David Lindsay said...

They're not "cleaned up".

Mandelson, Reid and others have never repented of their Stalinism at the height of the Cold War. Clarke and numerous others (especially, like him, old NUS hands) have never repented of their fellow-travelling. And Milburn, Byers and others have never repented of their Trotskyism.

They are all as Marxist as ever, having merely changed the ending so that the bourgeoisie wins. Within the history of Marxism, that is very small beer as mutations go.

And it is the key to understanding New Labour, which is really how the Labour Movement's arch-enemies on the pseudo-academic, sectarian Left eventually supplanted it, thereby depriving working families of a political vehicle.

The above, Harman, Hewitt, Blair himself and the rest of them have all flourished, while the old patriots and social conservatives with roots in the unions, the co-ops, local government, and the Catholic and Nonconformist churches have vanished almost entirely.

Yet it was the latter who actually delivered jobs, public services, workers' rights, decent housing, and so forth.

By the way, either under the BPA name or as Independents forming the obvious nucleus of a new party, we will certainly be contesting all 12 regions for Strasbourg next year. Details to follow on my blog.

After all, who are else are you seriously going to vote for?

Anonymous said...

See what the first anon meant? Lindsay has got serious mental health problems and you've encouraged them.

Lindsay spends all his waking hours writing reams of facsist claptrap, incl. military coups and praise for Enoch Powell, while the 'party' he's set up dooesn't exist outside his delusions.

Hilariously, he's invented a cast of sock puppets to post comments on the Speccie website, other blogs and even his own blog to say how brilliant he is. Unfortunately for him he exposed his own sock puppet, called 'Martin Miller', by accidentally signing his own name when posting a comment on Harry's Place. Lo and behold, Lindsay and Miller were using the same computer, even though they claimed never to have met! Even Neil Clark, for god's sake, who has his own record of sock puppetry is embarrassed to be associated with Lindsay and refuses to confirm that he's BPA candidate for Wantage.

Anonymous said...

Neil Clark's amusingly inept sockpuppetry exposed here.

David Lindsay said...

Dear me, Chris, they got themselves banned by The Spectator for posting these lies about me. Surely you're not going to put up with them here?

Once undergraduate Trots, eh, lads? Well, you're not allowed to do this sort of thing in the grown-up world, you know. Not that you'll ever find out, because your inherited wealth is such that you'll never need to go there.

Anonymous said...

Sure, David. So you'll now explain why you and 'Martin Miller' share the same IP address but say you've never met, won't you? Even Neil Clark, the man who talks to spambots, quietly let it drop when he discovered what an IP address is and that he shared one with his fans Greengoddess and Citylightsgirl. You should go to confession, y'know. Lying is a mortal sin. Stupid lying is even worse.

Anonymous said...

Get on with it, David. How come you and I have the same IP address yet claim we've never met?

Anonymous said...


David Lindsay said...

And this particular piece of defamation has got you banned from The Spectator (and possibly elsewhere that I don't know about). You are the ones who need to give it a rest.

Anonymous said...

See, Chris? You're encouraging someone who's mentally ill. David, please explain how you came to be using the same computer as the blog commenter calling himself Martin Miller who urged the Spectator to give you a column. You and Martin Miller claimed you'd never met, which is very odd as you were using the same computer.

Even Neil Clark runs a mile from you and your imaginary political party. Your blog comments are invented by you in a complete fantasy world where you're the centre of national attention. These commenters include a press magnate called 'lord gnome', who can't give his real identity but insists David is hugely admired in Fleet Street and will be given massive publicity. There also Labour MPs who write to David to urge him to keep up the good work. And Labour MPs who send him hate emails because they're scared of him.

Chris, do you see the problem? This isn't fraud, it's clinical insanity. David imagines people who don't exist and writes letters of praise to himself. You shouldn't be encouraging him.

Anonymous said...

David, in your blog last October you said "We are working on an event after Christmas. The media will of course be informed. Everyone will be there. And, of course, supporters will be welcome."

How did this go? Where can I read about it in the media? How many supporters turned up (as it was "everyone" it must have been in the Millennium Stadium or somewhere that size)?

David Lindsay said...

I've blogged on that matter this very day, Anonymous 13:26.

As for Anonymous 12:58, I think that Chris and everyone else can see who is "mentally ill" here. Or just discombobulated by puberty. Possibly both. In the grown up world, you know, people who were in the Labour Party for years know people in the Labour Party. You'll learn.

Just to get it out of the way, funny how The Spectator publishes stuff by me practically every day (and frequently several times per day), isn't it? Do you even know The Spectator is? It's an adult magazine. But not in the sense of the ones under your bed.

Anonymous said...

You haven't blogged about this mass debating event. Or if you have, you haven't posted it on your blog. Not surprising considering that every member of your party is imaginary.

But I'm impressed you're published every day by the Spectator. Are you on contract or freelance? Oh, I SEE: you mean you post comments on a blog, not that you're a published columnist. So it's the same mental illness that dreamed up "Martin Miller", "Lord Gnome", "J", "P", "Q" and all the other supporters you faked. Get help.

David Lindsay said...

Oh, I do apologise. You have clearly gone and checked whether I had an article published every day in a magaizine which is only published once per week.

I say again, if what you say were true, then The Spectator would have banned me. It very definitely has not, because you are a liar. You and your filthy kind lied this country into war, and have the blood of a million people on your hands, so that doesn't really come as any surprise.

Anonymous said...

So let's see if I got this right. You said "The Spectator publishes stuff by me practically every day". But all you meant was that you post comments on a blog. The Spectator has never asked you to write an article. If Polly Toynbee said "The New York Times and Le Monde publish stuff by me practically every day" everyone would understand her to mean that she writes articles for money for these newspapers. If all she meant was that she posts comments under other people's articles, she would be laughed at for delusions and dishonesty.

Do you see now, Chris? You are feeding the mental illness of a Walter Mitty character who believes he's a well known writer and politician whereas in fact he's a green-ink nutcase who made a fool of himself by inventing a sock puppet ("Martin Miller") to praise him in comments on other blogs, and even David's own blog, in the hope that someone would notice him. Unfortunaterly David doesn't know anything about computers and didn't understand that if you post comments in two names from the same computer you'll got found out for hilariously unsophisticated cheating.

Chris, leave the duffer alone. He needs medical help, not bigging up.

Anonymous said...

Apologies for hijacking Chris's blog, but for some reason Lindsay won't publish questions along these lines - and I think most of his readers would appreciate some answers, if only to get a clearer picture of the man who may well be Britain's next Prime Minister.

So, assuming he's still reading this:

1. Given that it's been in existence for over half a year now, how many members does the British People's Alliance currently boast?

2. Why have they been so silent, given the urgent need to get the message across in the run-up to a general election that will probably be held within the next two years? Is this because you run the tightest of ships and only allow designated party spokesmen to comment, or are they just very shy?

3. Your plans to field BPA candidates in every European and parliamentary constituency seem extraordinarily ambitious, not to mention expensive. Given your disparaging comments about people with inherited wealth and the evidently vast amount of time you have on your hands, I'm assuming you're not in any position to put up the money yourself - so who is backing you?

4. How many articles have you had published in 'The Spectator' (the magazine, not just the website)?

5. You have frequently accused Oliver Kamm of mounting a campaign of "criminal harassment" against you, by alleging that everyone who posts anything critical must be in cahoots with him. What independently verifiable evidence do you have to support this charge?

6. Given that most of this "criminal harassment" consists of very mild piss-taking of a kind all too familiar to anyone who's spent time online, what skin-thickening remedies do you propose to adopt to cope with more determined attacks as your political career picks up speed?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know the answers to all of those questions plus these.

7. How come Martin Miller (seen here urging the Spectator to make a you a columnist) shares the same IP address as you if you claim never to have met him? Why has Martin Miller completely vanished from commenting on your site since this fact was discovered?

David Lindsay said...

Good God, this thread is still going on! Get a life the lot of you, the mass-murdering scum who lied this country into war and whose every utterance on any subject thus stands exposed as a lie.

But who don't seem aware that the Spectator is only published on a weekly basis. Again I say that if there were any truth whatever in your claims then I would have been banned from the Coffee House blog. I very definitely have not been.

On the contrary, a single email from me has been enough to have already published comments repeating your lies deleted from it within about a minute, and it is people who post them who have accordingly been banned.

Stick to Nuts and Zoo.

The truly fightening thing is that the people who lied this country into war do and will stick to Nuts and Zoo. As we can see.

Anonymous said...

David, the Spectator Coffee House blog has no interest in you. You're a nonentity. The fact that you post comments under the name of Martin Miller and many others is of no interest to a national magazine. It happens to be of interest to those who follow the doings of the one-member British People's Alliance, which the Specatator doesn't.

You've now been asked half a dozen times why you post comments in support of yourself under the name Martin Miller. Your reply seems to be that this is a lie. You just make yourself look stupid that way. If it's a lie, why then do you and Martin Miller post comments from the same computer even though you claim never to have met? Because you don't know much about IT, I'll explain how this is known. Every computer has a unique IP address. The comments you leave on other blogs have the same IP address as the comments Martin Miller left before he vanished. Ergo, you and Martin Miller are the same person and you're a hilariously useless cheat.

Note for Chris. See what you've done? You've encouraged a man who suffers from the delusion that he's a politician and columnist. In reality he's a bluffer and a fake who invented a fake ID to plead for him to be given a column on the Spectator. Leave the duffer alone and let him deal with his own demons.

David Lindsay said...

You're publishing libels by allowing these comments, Chris. Libels, moreover, from the psuedo-Left defectors in the War Party. Why do you do it, legallly, politically or morally?

David Lindsay said...

Oh, and I'm such a "nonentity" that this thread is STILL going on, I see. The uncleaned up old Trots (or Stalinists - Aaronovitch, Cohen, Harry's Place, &c) don't like it when anyone points out that that is in fact what they are. And this is how they react.

Anonymous said...

OK, let's try this one again. David, you don't know this but every computer has a unique IP address. When you leave comments on the Web or send an email the IP address of your computer is made known. The IP address of your computer and Martin Miller's is the same. This shows that his comments in praise of you and your comments accepting his praise were made from the same computer. Ergo, you and Martin Miller are the same person. Or rather, Martin Miller is an invention of you. You faked him to try and get a gig on the Spectator. You did this in such a hilariously stupid way that you are a laughing stock among the cognescenti who follow the doings of the one-person British People's Alliance. Martin Miller vanished as soon as your fraud was exposed, to be replaced by "Jack", who also has the same IP address as you. You have therefore exposed yourself as a complete wazzuck as a well as faker. No one in the world cares about this, but you've given a lot of entertainment to your readers this way.

See, Chris? You're bigging up someone who needs medical help. Stop the bleeding now.

Anonymous said...

David, you're truly priceless. Utterly, gloriously pearl-like in every particular.

Please, please, please don't ever give up. Or develop any self-awareness. I used to think Neil Clark was a laugh riot, but you're in a class of your own - possibly because Clark does at least have a sense of humour, even if it hasn't developed since the mid-70s.

For the record, I'm not a "pseudo-Left defector in the War Party", and neither do I have a trust fund. I just have an antenna for humbug and bluster, the more pompous and deluded the better.

Oh, and I notice that you didn't answer any of my questions. Or rather, you did - since the mere fact that you chose to ignore them speaks volumes in itself.

I therefore conclude that your answers are:

1) One;
2) Because there aren't any more members (aside from the severely mentally disturbed Patrick Michael Dawn, subsequently exposed as a cruel spoof);
3) I'm expecting my candidates to stump up their own deposits;
4) None;
5) I don't have any, but Lewis Carroll once said that if I repeat a thing three times, it becomes true. But I thought I'd times that by a hundred to be on the safe side;
6) Nothing can be worse than the criminal harassment I'm suffering at the moment, you fiends! Paxman will be a picnic compared to Kamm and his conspirators. In fact, I shouldn't be surprised if he starts stroking my thighs under the Newsnight table.

For the record, the above is called "taking the piss", not "criminal harassment". It's something the British people do rather well, so I'd expect someone fronting a British People's Alliance to be slightly more aware of this. But it seems not.

Anonymous said...

I've just discovered Consett Campaigner, a Wikipedia contributor who spends his time more or less exclusively bigging up David Lindsay (sorry, the "well-known local, national and international political activist David Lindsay") and dissing Hilary Armstrong MP, a woman mentioned no fewer than 28 times in Lindsay's blog.

Now who can this mysterious "Consett Campaigner" be, I wonder? And if I'm right, what does it say about Lindsay's endless bleating about (alleged) "criminal harassment" by others?

As I said, truly priceless.

Anonymous said...

Right, David, you have a record of faking identities in order to promote yourself in Mitty-like ways. You're a famous international politician, you're a party leader, you're worshipped by media movers and shakers, and you're`"published" almost every day by the Spectator. How do we know? Because a host of sock puppets say so.

See what you've done, Chris? You've encouraged someone who needs medical help.