Wednesday, April 30, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Lib Dem Mayor Proxy Factory Conspiracy?

My oh my Mr Mayor. This one could be hard to square. The place Old Moat Ward. The premises a one-bed apartment. The registered to vote number twelve adults. Nicely proxied up two-by-two with Lib Dem councillors and the like. Including the most recent ex-Mayor Dr David Sandiford.

The Returning Officer is said to be looking into the matter with great interest. I'm sure there will be a more than adequate explanation for this coincidental co-residence and coincidental inability to vote in person. It looks clumsy perhaps but ex-Mayor Sandiford would never ever ever get involved with anything dodgy.

UPDATE: Fri 10:45: There were only the ten absent voters. The other Lib Dem councillors embroiled in this strange scene were Cllr Cameron and Cllr Isherwood. Cllr Cameron incidentally facing a huge win in Burnage ward still thought it useful to run a "Frank Duffy Defects" story in his material. Frank Duffy being a well respected campaigner and former Labour candidate. It was of course another Frank Duffy that defected.


Anonymous said...

Looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.

Anonymous said...

Could we get an update on this?