Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Iain Dale's Treat: Don't Say I Never Do Anything For You

Was in Liverpool last evening, talking with Cllr Joe Anderson who will hopefully be leading the Council and Liverpool out of the slough of despond come May 2. Assisted by bloggers Dr Bill Jones ("Skipper") and Stephen Newton I managed with great expertise and at great expense to prepare this treat for Iain.


Anonymous said...

Don't tarnish Dale street by linking it to him mind you.

Chris Paul said...

Ooops, sorry anon. As Uncle Joe said last night Tories are as rare as Rocking Horse Droppings in the 'Pool. Or words to that effect. Apart from that Cameron making the odd visit, and that Nadine Bargery Dorries pretending to have been born in a Council House.

Anonymous said...

And you denied being obsessed with Iain when I introduced you to Skip!