Friday, April 11, 2008

Libdemologists: 66,000, Yet Another Gross Exaggeration

While I've no doubt that Vince Cable, quoted by Lib Dem Voice is correct that some military personnel lose on the 10p tax farrago, I've also no doubt that the figures proffered are exaggerated shamelessly by the meister fibbers.

Vince says "up to 66,000". This is surely a knowing gross over-statement of any £90 per annum tax losers in the military, relying on ALL entry ranks e.g. Privates being on or below a certain grade and its starting point.

The claim also does not account for benefit changes which affect a goodly proportion of any losers. Hardly any serviceperson is on any starting pay point at any one time.

I would totally agree with anyone - such as Yorksher Gob Jennie (Lib Dem) - who suggests simplifying so there should be no need to claim benefits to get the ahem benefit of the system(s). One of her commenters bemoans the fact that even members (like Jennie) don't know that this is LD tax policy.

That is probably because LD tax Policy is irrelevant to the debate. LD's can say absolutely anything on national matters because this will never but never be costed properly, and will never be tested in real life. Reality for a third party franchise.

The military are workers in uniform. They are not tremendously well paid. But the quoted pay point of £14,300 actually compares favourably to many starting pays (even maximum pays) out there in the real world of C1C2Ds; and in truth most service people are on considerably more than this in cash terms and also have other benefits such as accommodation, food, sports and social, and vocational training that many in our estates can only dream of.

Gross fibbing with numbers is a trait that should be resisted by all of us and in which Lib Dems appear to specialise. Under the old Effective Opposition "shameless exaggeration" mantra.

Can Lib Dem Voice or Vince Cable now, urgently, unpack the 66,000 figure and provide the correct figure? Preferably with an apology for the knowing exaggeration? I’d be surprised if this 66,000 figure is not at least a ten fold exaggeration, particularly accounting for benefits (both state and work-related), pay settlements, and change in allowances.

I hope there is a sensible settlement for those who have lost on the banishment of the 10p rate. But this ain’t helping.


Anonymous said...

Why do Lib Dems fib shamelessly like this. 6,600 would surely be bad enough? But there is an endemic dishonesty. Cable's figures don't factor in pay rises, benefit changes, allowance changes, or the actual distribution of services pay scales.

Never Trust a Lib Dem said...

LDV also has a link to something called Forces Focus which is the military wing of their Focus fibbing franchise.

Chris Paul said...

Forces Focus indeed. God they're shameless. The last time they were in charge when a war was on the cards they plunged in feet first. There are memorials all over the countryside to the millions that died in that one.