Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Super Soaraway Sun: Repeats Clown Johnson's Guff

Disappointing that the great and ever-intelligent Murdochian newspaper that is The Sun should be backing rather than sacking Johnson.

Their piece details the would be monkey mayor making various promises he cannot possibly keep.

Such as letting the Met keep assets seized from drug dealers instead of passing the cash to the Home Office. An idea that The Sun promote to the top of the pile of otherwise rather piffling and imprecise policy proposals.

Surely Londoners won't sleep walk into giving this posh duffer power?

UPDATE: What the Sun don't report. Having read this article at Cocaine.Org Johnson is said to have volunteered to check all seized currency himself. See what he can sniff out with his big red hooter.

1 comment:

Back Boris said...

The only mistake the Sun made was backing your shower in 1997
Remember Red Tops make and break a Government and it looks like they're killing you off