Monday, April 14, 2008

Telegraph and Vince Cable: Sup at Same Iffy Stats Well

Westmonster reports some partisan reporting from the Daily Telegraph. Now there's unusual. And at one point Westie also jeers at the "four pubs close everyday" stat from the same sort of vague stat heaven cess pool.

These are of course beloved of twisting journalists and lower league politicians such as all Lib Dems. At all levels. Tragically including Dr Vince Cable - the erstwhile safe pair of hands - yet to explain how he got army wage scales and numbers so very bizarrely wrong. Never mind apologise.

But how many NEW bars and assorted licensed premises are opening every day at the moment Westmonster Oli? Did any of these "quality" journalists say?

We have about 20 or 30 more bars in M21 where I live than we did under the last Tory government. Was about seven I think. Now it's about 30 to 35. But, alas, it must be admitted that one traditional pub has closed in the period.

Particularly looking forward to the opening of Orlando's at the corner of Barlow Moor Road and Sandy Lane. Opening on election day no less - Thursday 1st May.

This is in effect a supper club with turns like tokester Howard Marks, gagster Felix Dexter and soulstress Ruby Turner mentioned in dispatches to entertain the 70 or so lucky diners.


Anonymous said...

One in M16 has closed too Chris. The one that our friend Cllr John "Gloomy Loonie" Grant had to walk (or drive recklessly) past to get to his favourite watering holes, yet pretended he wanted to save the pub. What a tosser!

Chris Paul said...

You're not wrong there anon. Mr Grant would have had to go past the Grove to get to the bars he frequented. he would also have had to walk past the Post office he didn't help save too.