Sunday, April 20, 2008

London: Duffer Johnson Calls Own Statements "Smears"

Thanks to Google Ads for alerting me to the fact that Johnson, B is complaining about dirty tricks. Some unevidenced cock and bull story about his email system being hacked. Oh, and repeating things he's said too. The rotten red scoundrels!

And there's talk of smears "under the radar" on the doorstep. That's "smears" like repeating the dangerous buffoon's public mutterings.

Beats on the radar smears in the Low Standard and their bragging about illegally acquiring emails.

Meanwhile Jinxed Johnno's lead in the polls has evaporated. Good. The only way is down.


Newmania said...

I suppose what he is pointing at is the e-mail campaign funded , by the tax payer emanating from various of the Quasi South American slush empire . This is usually attempting to stir up racial antagonism by quoting out of context whilst publicly Red Ken admits the obvious truth that Boris is not a racist.

The constituency of Ken is really those on benefits , those paid off and all those who hate the English. He is very similar to George Galloway who I imagine Labour would equally have embraced but London is not all slums and single mother benefits swamps of despair . This is why Ken likes to hit below the radar and the belt for one audience and look civilised for the other .

Boris has not run such a two faced campaign and he is a decent man. Ken Livingstone is a sort of gangster along Derek Hatton lines who I expect you also thought was wonderful
This sharp division in London is reflected in the increasingly polarised country much of whom might accept Hazel Blares at a pinch as a human being but find Red Ken a bizarre and comic anachronism. The thing is that in London the numbers are fairly equal . In England the suburban ordinary London Ken despises is the majority. His two level campaign is also that way lessen the negative impact of his type of politics on Labour as well. Sadly a Ken Lead loony London authority is unlikely to be missed and would must about kill the guttering hopes of staying the second Party in the South.

Newmania said...

....and in any case what is a Northern monkey like you doing sticking your nose into London?

back boris said...

He won't be able to come back with anything as he only relies on soundbytes like the rest of his party.
Vote Boris May 1st
Boris Johnson for London Mayor

Chris Paul said...

A Northern monkey? Ouch Newmania, ouch. Cosmopolitan me. Boris doesn't have to concede that he's racist or be branded such to have a problem with foot in mouth. Not a recommendation for the mayoralty.

I think we'll find that actually Ken has pretty good backing in the types of London area that you think are lost to him. Whereas Boris? Laughable.

For example the only posters visible in W5 when I was there recently were directly for Ken or Green (Ken for Mayor). Even the Tory club didn't have Bozo in the window.

If London pick him it'll be rather like Hartlepool electing the monkey. Except that in Johnson's case the man behind the mask cannot count, cannot come up with doable ideas, and rather than being a decent man is a self-serving prick.

Ask his wife. Ask his fag. Ask his Bullingdon Bully Club victims.

The idea that Johnson is going to negotiate all the unions into acquiesence is risible.

The only way to do that would be humungous pay rises and changes in T and C. TfL cannot afford that. Particularly if they also have to change the bus fleet at eye watering expense.

His splutterings about full TfL fares (when everyone has Oyster) are also risible.

Police plan risible.

Green plan risible.

What else is there? Oh yes, every time he opens his mouth he puts his foot in it. No discipline. No coherence. Nothing to offer London at all.

A late night very sober blogger said...

I see you have lots of cogent arguments for your lack of support for Boris Johnson.

"...rather than being a decent man is a self-serving prick...

...Ask his wife. Ask his fag. Ask his Bullingdon Bully Club victims...

...The idea that Johnson is going to negotiate all the unions into acquiesence is risible...

...His splutterings about full TfL fares (when everyone has Oyster) are also risible...

...Police plan risible...

...Green plan risible..."

So, as far as you are concerned your is case proved!

No Chris, the only thing that is proved is your lamentable (and rather disturbing) inability to articulate a clear argument. Perhaps you spent too much time on the track when you were at Manchester University or perhaps you have spent too much time editing the XXI Club newsletter since then but it is clear that you have never honed your debating skills.

I have seen that photo of you with a toilet chain around your neck and it just says one thing: "Risible".

Chris Paul said...

Oh do come on anonymous, do share your identity with us? And your arguments. And I didn't spend that much time on the track now did I you old stalker you?

Johnson would make a terrible mayor. His statements and sums don't add up. His plans are for a comedy mayor.

Roy Walker said...

He can't do worse than Red Ken can he?
Red Ken a man who brought the CON Charge to London.
How New Labour
A man who associates with people who hate the west.
A bit like the traitor George Galloway
How can you not vote for change