Friday, May 09, 2008

BNP's Dick Barnpot: Feeling City Hall Cold Shoulder

Though sadly their boot boy blogster doesn't realise that Labour and Tories are united in seeing Dick as pariah. The BNP cite Tory Leader Richard Barnes and Labour Leader Len Duvall for 12 alleged breaches of the Code of Conduct. Though as far as I know it doesn't say one must spit on a fascist if they're on fire.

Basically the fear is that City Hall staff will not want to look after bristling Dick, and bristling Dick thinks that's not fair. Hat tip: Tory Troll.

Meanwhile the best Dale can do is to jeer at Ken for attending today's Assembly meeting. As one major purpose of it is to report on the previous year there seems little doubt that he'd have been accused of hiding if he had not been present. Boris should show his calibre and magnanimity by co-opting Ken to the team?!

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