Monday, May 19, 2008

Cameron Dog Whistle: Inconsequential Tax Cut Drivel

If Iain Dale were not a simple mouthpiece for the Tories - My Party Right or Wrong - he'd have come up with a better post and more robust headline than Cameron Signals Change of Emphasis on Tax and Spend.

What Cameron actually signalled was still further emphasis on marketing and hollow meaningless announcements.

Meanwhile Dale has yet to apologise for publicising the dirtiest trick of the by-election so far. Far more of a sin than the original miscreant. And with a relish that belongs to no gentleman.

The other, non-Dale, Conservative Press Release - without the pleas for abandonment of families and more concern for people like himself - is right here. And click here for Cam's Con Man Drivel in Full.

FACT: Lower tax burden than under Maggie
FACT: Smaller State than under Maggie
FACT: Fairer tax than under Maggie
FACT: Better pensions than ever before
FACT: More employed than ever before
FACT: More Police and PCSOs, Lower Crime
FACT: Better Hospitals, More Clinical Staff
FACT: Better Schools, Results and Teachers
FACT: More in Higher Education than Ever
FACT: More in Work than Ever Before
FACT: Delivery Not Sophistry!

GRAPHICS: Top BBDO originally prepared this more than a year ago. About Brown. But this has been sorted out WITH middle income households given a further boost. Perhaps Cameron is the New Hoody? Left is USA Chart showing how George W Bush fared after his similar rhetoric to Cam's.


Anonymous said...

Ah "merry bachelors".

All the bollocks about diversity and the Labour Pary is coming out as a thoroughly classist, racist, homophobic, nasty set of scumbags.

Chris Paul said...

Give over anonymous. It's funny. Dale himself is very very out. And his own commentary crew are turning on him for his anti-family shellfish rhetoric which is his only point of departure from Dave's non announcement.

Also anonymous said...

Yeah, anonymous, what about the politics? Did Cameron announce anything at all? Nah, thought not! And is Dale right or wrong to report the snide entryism of his mate at Crewe? Or to contest the priority for kids which Cameron is carrying over from Labour?

Chris Paul said...

I've decided to change the wording as it is distracting. Now reads "people like himself" instead of "merry bachelors". Hopefully anon will go and take Iain's commenterati to task for their analysis of his selfishness and/or comment on the politics of Cameron's announcement, Dale's selfish riposte, Dale's dirty tricks.

Anonymous said...

"Funny", he says.

Funny, like, that "black bastard". Funny, like, that "anal artiste".
Funny, like, that "fuckin' Jewboy"
Funny, like, that "Tory Toff"