Friday, May 02, 2008

Compass Online: Declare New Labour Dead, Again

What are the homeopathically "left-wing" Compass think tank for? Using Blairy soundbites against the Blair - Brown - Mandelson - Lawson - Campbell third way? Looks like it, according to Mr Lawson, the very same, hisself.

JOKE: Why is the Mayoral declaration four hours late? Because Johnno is now in charge. Ha ha, ho ho. Unfair admits Michael White on BBCN24. But hey ho. You gotta larf ain't ya? DAY AFTER TOMORROW: Boris Stills RMT Union. Bloody brilliant! Playing fields and behind bike sheds of Eton and all that. What! What!


Tom said...


Pressure group, not think tank. We're the ones who stopped internment, remember?

Chris Paul said...

Stopped internment? How so?

susan press said...

COMPASS can also be proud that they, er were instrumental in stopping a Labour leadership contest and helped get us in this mess. And cruddas did NOT support the recent Housing Bill which would have extended local authorities' power and financial clout. Too late whingeing now, lads. We told you so 12 months ago.