Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Environment: Vote Blue Go To Hell in Low Tax Hummer

'Twas hilarious seeing closet "Christian Right" fundie and Environment Shadow Peter Ainsworth MP having to go on BBC Newsnight tonight and pretend that - so soon after fighting "Three Elections and a Funeral" on Vote Blue Go Green - there was still a glimmer of life in the Tory Green Agenda.

Er, that Dave Cameron was still watching the debate with interest was actually the best he could do.

Phil Woolas MP meanwhile seemed reasonable, and assertive rather then aggressive with it.

While every last bit of the Cuddly Nu Tory myth on environmental concern - huskies, bicycles, windmills, executive jets - has completely collapsed.

The Nu Tory front organisation The Taxpayers' Alliance declared the Green Frost completely over almost a full week ago. 22 minutes in to this Newsnight piece.

"Last night (Friday 23) Matthew Elliott, of Tory Front, the Mindless Industrial Clots-funded the Taxpayers' Alliance, said: 'Now the credit crunch has hit people's pockets, there's no longer any public appetite for higher green taxes.'"

UPDATE WED 10:19: "Hummer" substituted for "Handcart" which as Lorenzo points out is a very green form of haulage.


lorenzo23 said...

Like the little logo - Vote Blue. If only it could read "Go To Hell in a Low Tax Hummer". Pity we use the long winded "four wheel drive" term in Blighty. Handcarts must be the most green of all transport.

After Boris and Crewe the Tories are back on home turf - no more taxes, even though some are designed to alter spending towards climate change carbon cutting.

Expect to see full braying Thatcherite model to on our Tv by the autumn.

boris is london mayor said...

Chris keep trying pal!
Your party is finished
Time for a new Government

Tell Purnell we don't want him in the Tory Party we don't want his sort

Chris Paul said...

His sort? BILM?? What do you mean?

Tameside Eye said...

RE: His sort - Toffs???

Chris Paul said...

Toffs?? Thought we had a classless society?

He's a Grammar School boy anyway (oh alright then, now independent) ... according to his entry in Burke's Peerage and Gentry.

You'll be pleased to hear this:

Contrary to the announcement in the national press this weekend, the Royal Grammar School will not be changing to a co-educational establishment. The RGS has five hundred years of single-sex education behind it and we are firmly committed to remaining as a school for boys.

And they actually have a Col Sanders running the Army section of the CCF.

Nigel Barlow said...


I was well impressed by Phil Woolas' performance last night.Hewas right to assert that Newsnight was making a issue out of a non statement.

The Tories should be examined far more closely on their green agenda(or should I say lack of it).

Cameron has shown that his policies move like straws in the wind of public opinion.Not a murmur from him on Green issues recently and as was said on the programme what has happened to his wind turbines?

It is up to Labour to scrutinise these policies far more

Chris Paul said...

Yes, Woolas was sound. He sometimes gets a bit too pissy with e.g. Paxman, but Kirsty is more his cup of tea for a robust discussion. He was right. Ainsworth was really struggling. Never impressed me. About to have the windmill taken out of his sales.