Monday, May 26, 2008

Harry's Place: Afghanistan Spanish Civil War A/Illusion

Harry's place intriguingly links to one Terry Glavin's piece on the left and Afghanistan which concludes that the War there is the modern equivalent of the Spanish Civil War.

While I can understand and accept most of the analysis - without having been a supporter of the original retribution war mission - I don't think the Spanish War comparison really works.

Except perhaps for those recruiting Jihadis for the anti-Great Satan wars of the day. With an analysis that sees George Bush, the USA and the various Coalition as Imperialists, Fascists, Capitalists in place of Franco, and preferring their own locally sourced Imperialist, Fascist etc elements.

The Left's response to these wars, when asked for directions for a way out, is often to say: "Oh, I'd not be starting from where you are now, if I were you matey". Fairly useless I'd have to say. But Glavin - a Canadian lefty - has gone too far I think with this comparison.

Meanwhile, with the odd reference to Harry's Place, there was an interesting guest post at Lib Dem Voice supporting the doctrine of Liberal Interventionism.

Lively discussion to which one Martin Land contributed this (reproduced in full) on 21st May 2008 at 4:51 pm:

The fundamental, underlying principle of a future LD government should be that we would mind our own business, at every level and in every situation.

The fundamental difficulty with this of course is defining "our own business" in these matters. And I suspect the likes of Paddy Ashdown and others in Lib Dem ranks define our own business in different terms to Mr Land. Mostly on the quiet.

And I had to laugh out loud at the idea others argued that Liberalism in Kabul could come from the grass roots, the pooper scooping, the pothole spotting and the pavement politics we know and love here in the UK.

Congratulations to Daniel Furr - an independent Liberal - for donning his tin hat and putting his head above the parapet. Daniel blogs at My Telegraph. His sub title is The Protectorate and his avatar a "joyous" scene from the rather later detachment of Louis XVI from the body politic (above) which I tracked down thanks to Google and the Cruel Animal blog with a view.


Anonymous said...

'a future LD government' LOL

Chris Paul said...

That's what the man said. But with Labour allegedly looking at a two figure number of MPs we cannot mock them too much on that just now.

Diablo said...

Hear, hear, Chris! The penny is beginning to drop now, isn't it?

Chris Paul said...

Ahhhh, hear hear to the two-figure Labour strength (as if!) rather than to exposing Liberal Democrats as lying and/or unprincipled opportunists over the war?

Shame about that.

For the record I opposed the attack on Afghanistan but rather support the ongoing mission. And I opposed the attack on Iraq and tend to be of the troops out persuasion on that one, although a real NATO or UN mission might be different.

With the greatest of respect for the military and some sympathy for the idea of staying to clear up the mess I do think out now would be best.