Monday, May 05, 2008

Iain Dale IPM: The Great London Lefty Clearout Begins

Iain continues to recommend a scorched earth strategy towards all City Hall officers. My advice to officers there is: "Don't resign, help Boris help Londoners, or at least wait for Iain's silly wrongful dismissal to come along".

Pass go, collect £200,000. Or whatever.


Anonymous said...

Didn't we try this in Iraq?

Chris Paul said...

I think we did, yes anon. Not a great success, but they're still pushing on with it.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait until Boris and his new team find the bent officers who have been taking bribes
Is that the shreader i can hear?
Boris becoming mayor is the best thing to happen to London.

Chris Paul said...

Good argument BILM, yes, yes, very good argument that. Nice bit of smearing on the bribes taken front too. The jury is out on whether this result is "the best thing to happen to London" though would think the Great Exhibition, the Festival of Britain, the 1966 World Cup Final, the O2 Arena, and London 2012 would all rank ahead of a silly buffoon getting a job?

Anonymous said...

Dear Chris

It wasn't a smear it was just fact which will come out, there will be people spending time in prison.
Mark my words.
Your party was very quick to call for the heads of some of the Conservatives who were full of sleaze but very quiet when it comes to your own house.
No matter how you may complain the tide is not just turning to the Conservatives it has turned and like any government in power for a large amount of time people require change and that's what's happening.
The best thing Brown could do is call a GE and put himself out of his misery

Chris Paul said...

BILM: You are getting cocky now.

The only shame is that millionaire tory cow from Westminster didn't get her time in prison or even pay her fines. Are you suggesting for one moment that there's worse to come out than that?

Please specify ...