Thursday, May 15, 2008

Labour Home Tracking Poll: Tracks Hard Decisions Made?

Labour Home have a newly launched "Tracker Poll" with results left and story and comments HERE. It seems to me that this shows only that the more difficult decisions one has to make the lower one's tracker poll rating.

Which observation also goes for opposition parties in hard times for incumbents - they naturally don't have to take any decisions, just counsel perfection and grin.

There are a few outliers to the above theory based presumably on long standing emnity and distrust. For example Buff Hoon, Ruth Kelly, and Shaun Woodward with Balls also showing some sign of dropping.

Anyways, I'm not sure that giving the people at the top jobs involving more or harder decisions would boost Labour's rankings rather than giving their personal rankings a kicking.

We're told that 330 "activists" took part which would be equivalent to one for every second constituency nationwide. I suspect this is all a bit more metropolitan than that and also armchairists rather than activists considering the enthusiasm for campaigning at just about half mast.

MEANWHILE: Nick Clegg has finally published his expenses which are looking pretty bog standard. Quite a lot on the mortgage and maintenance for his constituency home is the most noteworthy item.

But it's all so bog standard that one wonders why it has taken quite so long to do the maths? GuF is claiming the credit for it only taking 48 Days. Thank goodness for the personally bankrupt, uninsured drink driving, Charity Commission investigatee GuF! Bricks from the Glass House.


Anonymous said...

I would of ranked Purnell higher than that!

Chris Paul said...

It is the average of 330 rankings. But if you like I could hit the Photoshop and give him a bit of a boost? You do know that this is not a WLTF poll?

Anonymous said...

Purnell is a slime ball

Chris Paul said...

In a good way from your point of view cowardly Tory? Like Cameron and particularly GOOey Osborne? Or not?

Anonymous said...

Only 330 activists took part? Maybe they were the few who were able to find the comment box on LabHome. I'll hold my hands up and admit that I'm so damn stupid I haven't located it so far. There's no danger that it could be made as simple to access and navigate around as this one, ConHome or in fact any other site?

Chris Paul said...

You have to register there to comment. The code isn't perfect either and very Safari-unfriendly. Which is inconvenient as that is one of the three browsers I use regularly.

But given the amount of anonymous libel and bull that goes on at many sites it doesn't seem that unreasonable a choice.

LDV moderate comments that don't come from known identities. And Conservative Home also edit and moderate a touch. But largely the grown up environment self regulates it.

I believe the 330 were invited rather than self selecting.